Our Commitment

What does your commitment to being green look like?

              It’s first of all a way of life and the way I was raised from a young age. As a stylist and entrepreneur, my work has a timeless style that can be worn from generation to generation with good quality fabric that doesn’t wear out. I source all of my materials myself and work with the same factory, with whom I have a trusting relationship. Prior to beginning production, we go on site with the collection manager and the pattern maker to explain the collection and maintain a shared, trusting, face-to face relationship. I only work with fabrics and supplies from the European Union.

What challenges do you face?

              We are working on a traceability guide that will help us understand how responsible our manufacturers are and go all the way up the chain.

What are your plans for the future?

Do better but not more. Particularly by using materials that we have already purchased in order to recycle them. In addition to being about style and quality, purchasing our collections is also an ethical commitment.

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What has been your eco-responsible turning point?

              I grew up in family in which it was cultural; it was obvious for me. We were healed with homeopathy and fed with Demeter certified products. From 3 to 18 years old I was studying in a Rudolf Steiner School, with a stress on nature and its respect.


What is the eco-responsible message of your company?

I design and make clothes that are wearable for a long time and accompany women through their entire life. Everything in produced in Europe exclusively, fabrics and trims are from the European Economic Community. At every trade show (Première Vision) I meet the manufacturer and for the 20 years that my company exist, I try to work hand-in-hand with my suppliers and their ecofriendly engagement convinces me more than labels.

Your favorite eco-friendly quote?

The simple but right words of Vivienne Westwood:
·       BUY LESS
·       MAKE IT LAST

Which eco-responsible act is within everyone’s reach?

I cook a lot and exclusively eat organic, almost vegan. I always ride my bike, at 49 I don’t have a driving license and don’t feel like I need one! Also, the fact of being aware that consuming is now a political act. To quote one of my friends: We should vote three times a day; at breakfast, lunch and dinner time! I think that it is important to consume less, but better.

A non-eco-friendly act that you are still doing?

              I fly to the United-states, where I have two stores, and to Japan, where I sell my collections. Hard to get there in a different way…

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